November, 2014

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Rumbao Adds Sixth Member to Performing Team

Created: 30 Nov 2014

Rumbao is excited to announce that we have officially added a sixth dance member to our performing team! We are looking forward to having Brian Frias join us as a talented dancer and well respected friend. Over the past few months Brian has gone through two rounds of auditions and a short trial period with Rumbao. He has impressed us with his great stage presence, awesome work ethic and positive attitude. Rumbao feels even more capable to accomplish our company goals on and off of the dance floor. Thank you Brian for having faith in Rumbao and for enhancing our team with your talents. We look forward to the good times ahead!1378440_653209544787219_3501646485118597743_n

Black Friday Salsa at Noche De Sabor

Created: 26 Nov 2014


Friday, November 28th Rumbao Latin Dance Company will be hosting their fifth monthly salsa social, Noche De Sabor. Rum-BURN (dance) those Thanksgiving calories off and see a performance by Rumbao with their new member!! Also, come cheer for the Rumbattle contestants as they fight for the Championship.

The RumBattle Champions will compete to defend their title in the salsa challenge series. Interested in competing? Get a crew together to battle it out on the dance floor and see who will be crowned as the RumBattle Champions!

Location: The Grotto      Cost: $10       Time: 10PM – 2AM

Rumbao Caresses the Dance Floor at Salsanoke

Created: 26 Nov 2014

Salsa takes over Charlotte!

Created: 17 Nov 2014


You’ll find them ordering breakfast at Midnight Diner at 2 o’clock in the morning, twirling in dressing rooms, and tapping their feet at work. They are a community of people from all walks of life brought together by a love for SALSA! And not the kind served with chips at your favorite Mexican restaurant.

Salsa music is an umbrella term for a variety of afro-latin rhythms and their respective dances. It is not what you see on Dancing with the Stars. It is a dance of the people, and it is accessible to everyone. It can be danced in your kitchen with your abuela (grandma) or at some of the nicest venues in town. Salsa is alive in Charlotte, and the community has been steadily growing for over a decade thanks to all the salsa companies that keep it alive and well.

The birth of Rumbao

With a drive and passion to make Charlotte a destination for salseros from all over the country, a group of five salseros formed Rumbao Latin Dance Company in March of 2013. Their mission is to inspire individual passion and self-expression through the art of Latin music and dance. They aim to stimulate an appreciation for the true essence of salsa in the community by exposing its cultural history and diverse styles. They focus specifically on New York Style On2 Salsa and develop crowd pleasing choreographies as well as organize first-class events at an affordable price. In less than two years Rumbao has become something far greater than its founders could have ever imagined. Here is what people are saying and how Rumbao is helping Salsa take over Charlotte.

“Rumbao is all over the place!”

We get that a lot. From performing at all the local festivals, parties, and private events, Rumbao has literally been all over the place. Thankful for friends and connections to event organizers, Rumbao has been able to spread their love of salsa to thousands of people in Charlotte.

“You are so in sync!”

We work hard. We may not be professional ballerinas or ballroom dancers but we train hard. We are always looking to improve and fine tune our level of dancing in hopes to inspire and raise the level of dance in Charlotte.

“We love your costumes!”

We like to look the part. All of the proceeds from our classes, performances and events goes to buying nice costumes, developing professional content, providing excellent venues, music and popular performers at an accessible price.

“You all are awesome dancers!”

We LOVE to dance and we are constantly looking to improve. Rumbao believes social dancing is critical to elevate any dancer’s level. Social dancing is improvised dancing with various partners and the more you dance socially, the more you learn and develop your leading and following technique. We strongly encourage dancers to go to different instructors and different socials in Charlotte and all over the world because that is how we become “awesome dancers!”

“You all are so busy!”

We are crazy…..about Salsa! With all of our members working full-time jobs from nursing and marketing to cabinetry and school counseling, we barely have a moment to breathe. We love what we do and are committed to bringing our vision of salsa to Charlotte. Dedicated to weekly rehearsals, classes and team meetings, in addition to our scheduled performances, Salsa keeps us busy. It is a passion of ours that not only keeps us in shape, but serves as a form of stress relief from the daily grind.

“Who is in charge?”

We ALL are! As an LLC with five members, we agreed to make all decisions based on a consensus. It is not always easy but, it delivers impressive results. We believe five minds are better than one and everyone has important ideas to contribute. We all are the coaches and the athletes on the team. We learn to compromise in order to reach our goals to benefit ourselves as well as our fans, students and supporters in the dance community.

“I want to dance like you guys!”

We welcome everyone to learn what we have to share! We offer classes every Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm and we have a dance social every fourth Friday of the month at the Grotto (3116 South Tryon Street) where you can practice what you learn with us while enjoying performances and the live atmosphere. With five dancers we separate our classes into different levels so that our students get the personalized attention they need. Jump on the salsa train, meet new people, expand your horizons and get in a great workout!

Rumbao Latin Dance Company became an LLC in July 2014 when they started offering classes hosting socials. Their members are Connie Chen, Morgan Cruz, Rossanno Fore, Jennifer Geyer and Chan Martinez. Please contact us at for any questions, comments or concerns.


Rumbao Live on Fox 46 Carolinas

Created: 11 Nov 2014

Rumbao had a great time promoting the Mint to Move Cultural Dance Party live on Fox 46 Carolinas!

Follow us on LinkedIn!

Created: 07 Nov 2014

Hey guys! Rumbao Latin Dance Company is excited to now be on LinkedIn. Check us out. We would love it if you’d follow us!